I kill more insects by 6 a.m. than most people do all day.

I waste more time online than I should.

I minimize & simplify.

I have a facebook account.

I wear only black & white.

I experiment.

I am nocturnal.

I eat books for dinner.

I think Helvetica Neue is sexier than Britney.

I complain.

I have a sketchbook name "idea diarrhea".

I do my washing with Adobe Illustrator.

I listen to kinds of music that most people don't.

I excessively collect things.

I have a grudge with Internet Explorer & Comic Sans.

I draw grids on my bedsheet.

I love food. Any kind of (good) food.

Howdy. I'm Bung Momo, a young, creative, and passionate for both web developer & interactive designer. .

Simply put, I development & design websites, brand identity, print graphics, etc.
I have a special affinity for simple, minimal design & typography.

I'm currently available for freelance and looking forward to collaborate with other designers & programmers on interesting projects. So if you'd like to work with me, please shoot me an email.

Nothing special.


Please check out my resume to learn more about my professional experience.

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